TSP Plus

The Total Support Program - Plus is the financial support program for Oklahoma Free Will Baptists. It provides financial support for all our Oklahoma missionaries whether they serve in State Missions, National Home Missions or International Missions. All Oklahoma FWB Churches are encouraged to send consistent, monthly support to TSP Plus.
Here are some practical ideas to support missions without putting a strain on your church budget:

  1. Have a special missions emphasis service.

  2. Develop the service to emphasize the Great Commission and our personal responsibility to fulfill the call by witnessing and sending missionaries.

  3. Challenge each person in the congregation to give a monthly gift above their current giving to TSP PLus.

  4. Provide faith promise commitment cards (can be obtained through our office) to be filled out.

  5. Remind your congregation monthly to follow through with the commitment to give in the bulletin, pulpit announcement or church newsletter.

By following this simple example, EVERY Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Church can support TSP Plus and it won't put a strain on the budget. The truth is, we need your help!  We appreciate your support!